Posts GSoC 2019: Week 3

GSoC 2019: Week 3

The third week of coding period has ended and as I already stated in the last blog, I couldn’t be much productive this week. Nevertheless, I tried to wrap-up some unfinished works. PR #16956 is ready to merge, just waiting for some last reviews. This PR needs to be supplemented with some fixes in the code of Add class to handle all the issues over Relationals. PR #16978 had one major failing test from the stats module. I tried to debug it ,but due to my unfamiliarity with that part of code I took help from Gagandeep and as his comment suggests, the result this PR is giving is correct and more intuitive. At least, one less issue to handle 😌.

Over the end of the week, I shifted my focus towards New Assumptions. One of my major tasks for this summer is to speed up the satask module. As suggested by Aaron, I searched the repository for issues and PRs over this, and I found a number of such unfinished work. I would need to study these ideas and profile the results before working ahead. I would create a issue-tree over it connecting all such PRs and there respective benchmarks.

For this week, I would focus on the above mentioned task only. Since the first phase is about to end, I would have to speed things up.

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