Posts GSoC 2019: Week 12 (The Final Week)

GSoC 2019: Week 12 (The Final Week)

The last week of coding period is officially over. A summary of the work done during this week is:

  • #17379 is now complete and currently under review. I will try to get it merged within this week.
  • #17392 still needs work. I will try to put a closure to this by the end of week.
  • #17440 was started. It attempts to add a powerful (but optional) SAT solving engine to SymPy (pycosat). The performance gain for SAT solver is also subtle here: Using this
    from sympy import *
    from import x
    r = random_poly(x, 100, -100, 100)
    ans = ask(Q.positive(r), Q.positive(x))

    The performance is like

    # In master
     |  `- 0.631 check_satisfiability  sympy/assumptions/
     |     `- 0.607 satisfiable  sympy/logic/
     |        `- 0.607 dpll_satisfiable  sympy/logic/algorithms/
    # With pycosat
     |  `- 0.122 check_satisfiability  sympy/assumptions/
     |     `- 0.098 satisfiable  sympy/logic/
     |        `- 0.096 pycosat_satisfiable  sympy/logic/algorithms/

    It is finished and under review now.

Also, with the end of GSoC 2019, final evaluations have started. I will be writing a final report to the whole project by the end of this week.

So far it has been a great and enriching experience for me. It was my first attempt at GSoC and I am lucky to get such an exposure. I acknowledge that I started with an abstract idea of the project but I now understand both the need and the code of New Assumptions pretty well (thanks to Aaron who wrote the most of it). The system is still in its early phases and needs a lot more work. I am happy to be a part of it and I will be available to work on it.

This is the last weekly report but I will still be contributing to SymPy and open source in general. I will try to write more of such experiences through this portal. Till then, Good bye and thank you!

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