Posts GSoC 2019: Week 9

GSoC 2019: Week 9

I spent most of this week getting #17144 ready to be merged. I had to change a lot of things from the last attempt. One of such was an attempt on early encoding, I had tried it on Literals. They were eventually going to be encoded so I tried to do this when Literals were created only. But as Aaron suggested, my approach had left encodings in the global space and hence could leak memory. During the week, I tried to attach encoding to the CNF object itself but it would have needed a lot of refactoring, since CNF objects interacted with other such objects. So, after some attempts, at the end I left the encoding to be done at last in EncodedCNF object. Currently, this is ready to be merged.

For the coming weeks, I would try to improve over this.

This was also the week for second monthly evaluation and I feel happy to announce that I passed it. From this week my college has also started but I am still able to give the required time to this project and complete it.

Will keep you updated. Thank you !

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