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Community Bonding Period

Community bonding period has concluded. Due to my exams and travelling, I was not able to devote much of my time over this. But I managed to review PR #16666 and helped it get merged. With this PR, SymPy comes one step closer to unifying both the Assumption systems. Also, with this I realized how difficult reviewing can be 😅.

I had my first meeting with my mentors, Aaron and Kalevi, on Monday where we decided about the timings of weekly meetings. It was also decided to use gitter as a medium for these meetings. Aaron also gave me some directions about the overall project.

Since the official coding period has begun, I will try to stick to my proposal. These are my plans for the coming week:

  • As per my proposal, I have to include First Order Logic into SymPy. There is already a PR on this ( #7608). During this week I will work on to improve over it.
  • Also as suggested by Aaron, I will look into some known performance issues with assumptions.

Along with this, I will also be looking for inconsistencies between the two Assumptions systems.

Sign out for the next week 😄

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