Posts GSoC 2019: Week 1

GSoC 2019: Week 1

The first week of official Coding Period is over and it went well 😄.

As proposed, I created a branch over #7608 and went through it locally. I have made certain improvements and I will create appropriate PR for them this week. I intend to get that merged in this week only, if everything goes well. Also, as suggested by Aaron, I looked for profiling tools for optimizing slow parts in the codebase. I will be using pyinstrument and the profiler of PyCharm for this purpose.

Later in this week, I started the PR #16956 which fixes issues #16915 and #16582. Both these issues are related to assumptions handling in Relationals. It broke more code than expected 😅. This shows how embedded the old assumptions are in the codebase. I will try to fix them ASAP.

With the first week wrapped up, in the next week :

  • I will create an experimental PR to include complex -> finite in the old assumptions. This is going to break zoo.is_complex overall. I will try to do it without including new facts. #16666 shows how difficult such proceedings can be.
  • I will also create a PR to include complex -> finite in the new assumptions. This should be easier than the former. The new assumptions is still not used much in the codebase 😌.

I will try to shift my focus more towards the new assumptions. But I will also look for any major inconsistency between the assumptions systems.

With this, sign out for the next week.

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